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Qigong - Pilot

Qigong Practitioner, Jan Novak LAc,  is coming to Buker Community Center to host a pilot program of Qigong. Qigong will start August 31st in the Buker gym. During this practice period this class will be FREE! Qigong will be roughly 50 minutes. Participants are asked to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat/blanket and water.

"My name is Jan Novak, I am a licensed acupuncturist and a Qigong Practitioner.  I have a degree in Engineering and Chinese medicine.  I have been studying Qigong for many years.  It has been very helpful in maintaining and improving my health and attitude.  The movements are slow and easy to
perform.  It is particularly beneficial for seniors. In the picture, I am holding an imaginary Qi Ball."

Qigong is great for any person of any skill level. Movements can be done standing, sitting, lying down or just visualized and will still be effective. 

Informational brochure PDF available below


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